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disclaimer: all quotes are the work of tamora pierce

my friend Ella and I were recently talking about how great it is that Tamora Pierce will casually slip social issues into her books. Perfect examples:

  • "I’m seventeen and not planning to get married. Why shouldn’t I bed him?"-Kel (Squire)
  • Kel says something like, ‘where I come from, men can be with men and women and be with women.’ and Neal replies that it’s not like that in Tortall. Kel remarks how silly that is.
  • alanna is a kickass warrior who also has sex with several men and isn’t shamed for it because it’s her fucking life and she uses birth control and that’s super normal”-Ella
  • Ugh, yes casual feminism in every book

if you think of any examples, let me know! I’d love to hear them.